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A Death Lived Starts The Conversation

My new book, A Death Lived, was released in March!

And although the book signing celebration has been postponed, I hope that you will share the book with your family and friends and help me spread the word.

The book asks us to have the hard conversations about end of life care and to be clear about our wishes for end of life. Sadly, this is so pertinent right now as we are facing the potential death of many thousands of us in the pandemic.

Do you know what you would want your family to do if you are dying? Have you had the conversation? Perhaps it is time…

It is my hope that this book will help you have the hard conversations…now…..please don’t wait.

And now, I have a request of you. Please, if you read the book, can you help me by posting a review on Amazon? Reviews are essential to keeping the book “alive” on their site. Thanks for doing this for me, I appreciate it.

Please stay safe, be well, and have the conversations!

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