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A Death Lived

"Calihan’s memoir is highly affecting, allowing the reader to share her experience every step of the way. As a medically trained person, her varied insights offer a multilayered perspective, giving the book tremendous authority, both on an emotional level, and as a guide for anyone facing a similar circumstance. As such, the book is unique in its field. A Death Lived provides a valuable, sensitive portrait of how the death of a loved one might be handled. It can offer both comfort and practical counsel to anyone in a similar circumstance, and should be shared by hospice programs and other outreach groups focusing on these crucial end-of-life issues."
"With the unique voice of both physician and wife, Dr. Calihan takes us on the journey of her husband's final illness.  Blending the medical with the mystical, the science with the sacred, she, and he, address the big issued of end of life care and the meaning of death.  This is a story of how to approach death, and how to live that experience fully."
~Dr Mark Hyman
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In this memoir, Dr Martha Calihan shares the story of her husband's final illness and death to address some of the big questions about end of life care and the dying process.


Her unique perspective as both a wife and a physician allows her to explore these issues on a personal and professional level while also weaving in some of the mystical aspects of dying that she witnessed. 


Ep. 238 A Death Lived: A Doctor’s Memoir of Her Husband’s End of Life with Martha Calihan MD

My guest Dr. Martha Calihan has been a practicing physician for over 30 years but she didn’t learn about the end of life until she became a caregiver for her ill husband. She shares how she navigated those challenging days and how being a caregiver made her a better doctor. 



A practicing physician for over 30 years, Dr. Martha Calihan blends her knowledge of Functional and Integrative medicine with the mystical and spiritual, creating the space to help people heal on all levels. She practices and teaches Mindfulness, offers workshops in the US and in Ireland, and has done extensive work in death and dying. She lives and practices in Leesburg, Virginia.