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Functional Training


Functional Training

Are you brand new to exercise?

Are you returning after an injury?

Do you have a specific condition that may inhibit you from

exercising in the way you’re used to?    


Build strength, improve mobility, and better your balance for an

increased sense of well being with functional training.  Our

personal trainer will work with you to find the right exercises for

your body and goals.  


Functional training is currently available virtually or in person!


Goal Oriented Training


Are you hitting a plateu with weight loss?

Do you have a race you are training for?

Is there a personal strength record you are striving for?


Build more muscle, reach your goal weight, or achieve personal records with goal oriented training.  We offer individualized exercise plans and training to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. 



Build better function through habit


No more excuses!


Meeting with a trainer means you are more likely to exercise regularly.  Our trainer will encourage you to reach your edge in your training sessions to optimize your benefit.  Our trainer will monitor your form to be sure you are exercising safely and effectively. 



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