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Patient Testimonials and Reviews

Roxanne L.

Working with Dr. Calihan is such a pleasure.  I've been seeing her for the last 5 years and I breathe a sigh of relief just walking into her office.  The depth of her knowledge and compassionate care, makes her truly unique.  A doctor who actually listens to me when I speak!  She's been a critical part of my healing journey from lupus and I'm so glad to have found her.

Anthony C.

Excellent service & the blood work my 6 year old son had was significantly cheaper then the cost rates on similar tests by other offices for the same test. They did an amazing job relaxing my son for any of his visits or blood work & spent 100% attention on him. We have never waited & they successfully treated his multiple presenting symptoms. It is the only doctor visit he requests to see with no anxiety because he is so comfortable there & he has had multiple blood drawings on site, so it says a lot. I have never rated a review before online, this is my one & probably only time I will because I would love to encourage other people to receive help from a practice that can make a huge positive difference like they did for my son.

Ann C.

We have been seeing Dr Calihan for a year for my daughter and she is wonderful. My daughter has shown unbelievable improvement. Comparatively there fees are reasonable and the doctor takes the time to discuss treatment and we do not feel rushed at all. The front desk has always been extremely helpful and kind in all my dealings with them.


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