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Nutrition Specialist

Healthy eating is an integral part of Functional Medicine and healing root cause.  Our nutritionist will help you change to a diet rich in whole foods with plenty of plants.  Plant based diets are shown again and again to be the healthiest way to eat, and it doesn’t mean you have you give up meat if you don’t want to.   Our nutritionist will meet you where you are right now, and work within your dietary preferences to optimize your food intake.  Within the context of a whole food plant based diet, you may need additional healing that can only be offered through a specialized dietary plan.  


Some of those plans include:

Autoimmune Paleo Diet (AIP)

Low Histamine


Ketogenic Diet

Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)

Elimination Diet



The goal of nutrition counseling is to heal root cause, reduce inflammation, and eventually be able to eat a wide variety of foods to gain the benefits from antioxidant rich colors, fiber rich foods, healthy fats and proteins.  Not to mention being able to live life more fully!



Here is what you will gain from working with a nutritionist:

  • A meal plan made specifically for you

  • Understanding what food labels mean

  • Ease of knowing what to buy in the grocery store

  • The way of eating best serves YOUR body

  • Mindful eating practices to support healthy weight

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