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Practitioner Referrals

Here is a list of practitioners in our network.  We are not affiliated with these practices, we like them and know our clients will find value in what they have to offer.

Vanessa Lindgren,

A Certified Hypnotist since 1994, Vanessa brings years of experience, skill, and wisdom in helping and guiding her clients reach their goals. She actually started hypnotizing friends at school at the age of fourteen. Fast forward forty seven years, and she’s still at it!


Trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Ericksonian metaphoric and many other techniques. Vanessa keeps up to date with any new studies on the subject of modern hypnosis. She writes articles and creates new techniques of her own on a regular basis. She prides herself on being a perpetual student in the field of hypnosis, hypnotherapy  and hypnotism knowing learning never ends.


Vanessa is routinely referred by and works alongside many medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and dentists and is a firm believer in collaborating with any and all professionals if she feels it will help her clients. She is at 35 year resident of Northern Virginia helping hundreds of people every year to reach their goals and overcome emotional blocks.  She is very passionate about helping people manage and overcome their anxiety.


She is currently operating 100% online.   See More information here

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