Integrative healthcare merges the best aspects of modern conventional medicine with proven-effective holistic and alternative practices. Functional Medicine looks at understanding the root causes of a person’s symptoms or disease. Finding the underlying imbalances and working to restore that balance through a variety of integrative techniques is the approach that sets this practice apart. Focusing on lifelong care, patient experience, and overall wellness, their combination of healing techniques and attentive care helps patients improve their health. Visit the Leesburg, Virginia office: Call to schedule your appointment online today.


Integrative & Functional Medicine Q & A

Five Stones Healing Arts & Wellness Center

What is Functional Medicine? And Integrative medicine?

Functional Medicine is the medicine of “why” and of trying to understand the root cause of a patient’s symptoms, illness or condition. Looking at the vast number of possible factors impacting a person’s health, including their genetics, environment, nutritional status, stress, toxins, and their personal belief systems, a functional medicine physician assesses the core imbalances that need to be rebalanced to help that patient reclaim optimal health.

Integrative medicine employs a wide variety of modalities to help a person get well and maintain their health, including Western and non-Western therapies. At Five Stones, we include nutritional therapies, massage therapy, nutritional supplements, botanical medicines, personal fitness training, energy medicine, hypnosis, acupuncture, and others in our treatment options for our patients.

This unique combined focus offers our patients:

  • Individual, personalized care

  • The use of the best practices of Western medicine with effective alternative and holistic therapies

  • A strong patient-provider relationship-based care

The Five Stones medical team believes you should be in control of your health care and have a reliable medical support system. They provide patient education to help you make healthier choices and collaborate with other health professionals, if necessary, to provide you with comprehensive treatment.

What can I expect at my integrative health care consultation?

During your initial consultation, your physician will review your history, do a physical exam and order appropriate lab tests. This visit is also your chance to bring up any health concerns you have with your Five Stones provider. Expect to discuss numerous aspects of your health including your biological, psychological, and social needs.

With integrative medicine, you’re treated as a person, not a statistic or a customer.

Meet the Five Stones medical team and start your journey to better health. Call today.



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