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Functional Medicine Pathways

Pathway 1

A program for patient’s who are either curious about Functional Medicine or who feel they’ve tried everything, and nothing is working. Patient’s know there are underlying causes creating their symptoms, but they do not know where to start. This program is for patient’s looking to begin their functional medicine journey and set the stage to allow the more advanced medical interventions to be successful.

Functional Medicine Initial Assessment with Health Coach

Functional Coaching Appointment

Lifestyle Planning

Ongoing Support from Team

Pathway 2

Our Functional Medicine Complex Program is created for the patient living with more chronic complex conditions such as Lyme, Auto-Immune disease, Mycotoxin, cognitive concerns, chronic infection, etc.  This person may or may not have had some Functional Medicine experience in the past.

Functional Medicine Initial Assessment with Health Coach

Inital Appointment with Provider

Functional Nutrition Assessment

Follow Up Appoitment with Doctor

Lifestyle Planning

Ongoing Support from Team

Pathway 3

This pathway is designed for the patient who is already familiar with the foundations of Functional Medicine.  Perhaps you have already been working with a Functional Medicine doctor and are changing practices, or perhaps you have a condition that you are managing well but would like functional support for.

Initial Appointment with Provider

Follow Up Appointment with Provider

Lifestyle Coaching Session

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Appointment cancellations and re-scheduling:
If you need to cancel your appointment, please provide at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment.

With less than 24 hours, a cancellation fee of $50  will be charged (due prior to the next scheduled appointment).

To cancel or re-schedule Monday appointments, call no later than Friday before the appointment date, as we are closed on weekends. If you call after hours during the week, you may always leave a message.


A non-refundable deposit will be collected when you schedule your first appointment. Payment for all appointments is expected upon completion of your appointment. We appreciate your understanding of this policy. Note on returned checks: Each returned check will be charged a fee of $25.


We do not participate with any insurances but we do provide you with the necessary paperwork for you to file with your own insurance company for reimbursement. We have opted out of Medicare and we are not Medicare providers; you are not allowed to file for yourself with Medicare.



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