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The Season of Light

And silence…

With December, we are entering the darkest time of the year; short days, long nights. As it gets colder outside, we see the natural world retract around us.

We, too, may feel drawn inwards, bringing both reflection and introspection to our consciousness.

We may desire to get quiet and to spend some time alone, in quiet preparation for the celebrations that lie ahead.

What drives this desire to slow down and be reflective? I think it is the reflection of the natural world; the trees have lost their leaves, plants have pulled back. They put their energies into their roots; both for survival and for preparation for the rebirth that will come in the Spring. The animals are preparing for the winter, hibernation will soon follow for many of them.

So we too, have made preparations for the winter ahead; bringing in wood, getting out warmer clothes. We may spend time in front of a fire, being cozy in the house.

And soon, cultures all around the world will celebrate the season with lights; candles will be lighted, trees decorated, lights put up outside. We celebrate at this time of year with gatherings of family and friends. It tends to become a very busy time for many of us, and it is easy to get caught up in the energy and the pace of the festivities, and in the process we can neglect ourselves and our needs.

So if you feel drawn to the stillness, the quiet and are feeling reflective, find some time to honor that desire. Spend a few minutes reflecting on the stillness of the natural world and the brightness of our lights of celebration just might be brighter.

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