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Unpredictable Snow

I am looking out my window this morning, watching it snow. My eye was caught by the vibrant bright red of the cardinals at the feeder, and then I noticed a small patch of bright yellow…..and only slowly did I realize that it is one of the Spring daffodils that yesterday, was in full bloom, and is not yet quite buried in snow.

What are we to make of this weather? Why are we getting this sort of storm now, after so little snow all winter? It seems odd. But not all that unusual, as we do sometimes have snow storms in March.

As I sit and think about this, I am drawn to the notion of the unpredictability of it all; of what that means and how I feel I should embrace it. To me, it feels like a lesson in being present in the here and now, and remembering to experience and to appreciate the present moment. The thing is not to spend the day wishing it was Spring, or upset that there is snow. It is a gift to be forced to stop and notice….feel and experience the day with all the senses, and enjoy the surreal-ness of this day. Be fully present to the experience, and notice.

That’s the challenge of it to me.

Before we know it, the snow will be gone and just a memory.

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