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The Solstice and Resiliency

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Happy Summer Solstice !!!!

The Solstice marks a transition; this summer Solstice is when the daylengths are the longest in the entire year, before we start the slow rotation back towards lengthening nights and shorter days.

It marks a turning point….although in the current circumstance of nothing being quite as expected, it can be hard to notice the change.

Everything seems to be changing…and nothing.

The world seems to be starting to open back up some, and with that comes more change.

We have been in an intense time of transition of all kinds, yet when we are in it, it can be hard to notice all of it.

The invitation, as I see it, is to pause and reflect. Connect with what is important, connect with the natural world and to breathe. In these moments of more stillness, clarity can emerge.

Here at IFMC, we celebrate the transition with our focus on resiliency and how incredibly important this concept is to our overall health. When we build and maintain metabolic and physiologic reserve, we create the condition of resiliency and this allows us each to withstand change more easily, with less impact to the system.

We have been focusing on this concept of resiliency in our recent webinar series and we are ready to help each of you address your individual resiliency. What is your metabolic reserve? What is your nutrient status? What is the status of your adrenal health; your stress response?

We can address these concerns, measure these variables and help you with a personalized plan to improved health. In the Functional Medicine paradigm, we go beyond the solution to find and address the cause.

We are here, open and ready to serve you, either in person or by telehealth. Our providers and office staff look forward to working with you on your continued path to enhanced health.

If you are curious about what we can do help you, I invite you to call and schedule a free 15 min coaching call with Lara Lattman, out Functional Nutritionist and Coach. We are looking forward to working with you on your resiliency.

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