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The Back and Forth of Change

What’s the energy of transition?

As we move into March, we are definitely leaving the winter season behind and moving into the time of early Spring. This comes with mixed emotions for many of us; the looking forward to the long-awaited shift in the light and the emergence of Spring for many, and the lingering almost wistful feeling of not being quite ready for many others.

And as is true in nature, and often reflected in our own lives, is the back and forth nature of the transition. It’s rarely an all-or-nothing abrupt change, and in fact when we go from snow to 80 as we did for a day or two this week, it’s jarring to the system and not really all that pleasant or easy. Better for many of us, it seems, to move more slowly through the transition, enjoying and savoring the changes as they come. Often they start subtly; we notice the lengthening of the days, the changing of the light, the gradual and gentle warming of the air. And with these changes, we may notice new green shoots pushing up through the damp earth, still mostly covered in dead leaves and debris form the winter.

These changes bring forth a shift with in us too, as we start to think about the tasks and plans for the Spring, even looking ahead to the summer. Maybe we have plans for a garden, or new things to plant. Maybe we want to paint a fence or make some other changes. These thoughts, many of which may have been germinating within us during the long dark days of winter, are ready now to emerge and to begin to take shape. Other projects and plans may also start to come into focus now, along with the physical new growth that marks the Spring transition.

Hopefully, we have each taken the time to rest and restore over the winter and have allowed ourselves the time and the space to plant that which we wanted to have germinate this spring. We have hopefully provided the nourishment and protection needed for these thoughts and plans and they are now ready to emerge.

And hopefully, we will follow nature’s lead and navigate the transition slowly and gently, acknowledging the back and forth that occurs naturally, not pushing too hard but rather allowing; and then we will witness the rebirth that is Spring

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