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Savor Summer

I took a walk at dusk this evening and its already changing. I suppose it always does, yes, I know it always does. But it still surprised me a bit. It’s darker earlier suddenly, the cicadas are filling the air with that hot summer sound; it ebbs and flows as it crescendos through the trees. The lushness of the full summer is starting to give way, just a bit, to the dryness that so often comes as we get to late summer.

The grass is a bit brown, and it crunches a bit when you walk on it. Soon, it will be late August and thoughts will turn to the fall and the next transition…back to our non-summer routines, our schedules, our often full and busy lives

I hope before it ends that you have taken some time, had some time, to savor the beauty and the bounty of full summer.

  • Walke barefoot in the grass, and feel it crunch underfoot

  • Sit outside in the evening and listen to the sounds of the summer

  • Slow your pace a bit, take the time to pause and take in the activities of summer

  • Take a few conscious, slow breaths each day to notice the smell of the summer breeze

  • Have your meals outside with friends and family

It's what summer is about and what it can offer us; a time and a place and maybe even permission to slow down some, spend a bit less time doing and a bit more time being.

Enjoy these last weeks of summer; savor the sights and the sounds and the whole experience. You’ll be glad you did!

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