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Holiday Wellness Wish List

Need some ideas for the wellness-minded people on your list? Or maybe you're the wellness-minded one and you want to support change in others, one well placed gift at a time. Well, I polled the team here at Five Stones to come up with what we are currently wishing for and gifting. Have some other ideas? Let us know in the comments!

Matcha Powder - Homemade matcha lattes are a little indulgence. This powdered green tea packs a huge antioxidant punch, and is a great idea for anyone who loves tea or hot drinks.

The Jellies from Beauty Counter - Knowing (or not!) all the chemicals most cosmetic companies put in their make-up makes me extra grateful for a company like Beauty Counter. These jellies remind me of the lip glosses I was obsessed with in middle school, without the questionable chemicals. If you've got a teenage girl on your list, or a woman who enjoys a good lip - buy these!

Mantras in Motion - This is currently on my wishlist and I really hope to get it. As a yoga teacher it is especially nice to get guidance and inspiration from other teachers, In this book she breaks down a mantra practice into 14 days, making it easily accessible. Perfect for the yogi on your list.

Candle - I bought this as a Secret Santa gift for someone in the office a few years ago and she loved it! Great for anyone into meditation, mindfulness, and crystals. Or just someone who loves pretty things. The picture links to the Etsy site.

Sparkling Water - Now, you may be thinking "water?" Sparkling water can be a great hostess gift if you know your host isn't as into wine, and San Pellegrino comes in glass bottles, making it feel a bit more special. Amy loves the flavored variations that are still unsweetened, making a healthy, hydrating hostess gift!

Winter Wake Up Tea - For the tea drinker in your life, buy them this yummy blend of black tea, cinnamon and ginger. Like the holidays in a cup!

Chocolate - We love chocolate all the time, and this vegan, paleo brand of chocolate helps satisfy our craving with the maximum amount of antioxidants.

Bath Bombs - Some self-care and a lot of fun, bath bombs are a great gift! We love that these are scented with essential oils rather than synthetic fragrance.

Inspiration Cards - We use these in the office and have given them to our Mindful Way participants. A great way to bring more mindfulness to how and what you eat, and cultivate deeper gratitude in your life.

Gift Cards - Gift cards are a great way to give an experience rather than a thing.

Facial: Allow your giftee to pamper themselves with a facial at Rouge in Leesburg

Massage: Relaxation with health benefits, gift a massage with Brian Fillman of Body Energetics

Greenheart Juice: Since juice is best drunk fresh, and smoothie bowls don't wrap well, give a gift card to Greenheart Juice in Leesburg.

Meditation App: Pay for a year of meditation through Headspace or Calm and set up monthly reminders to check in with the recipient and help motivate them to keep going.

Do you have other Healthy gift ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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Dec 19, 2020

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