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Healing with Functional Medicine

There is a unique beauty in Functional Medicine; people actually get so much better!! It is a joy to see and an honor and a privilege to work with pour patients on their journey towards improved health using the functional medicine paradigm.

The focus in functional medicine is on looking at underlying causes; modifiable factors that can influence or cause symptoms up to and including actual disease. It is not about just treating symptoms, it is really looking “under the hood”. I call it the “Medicine of Why”.

In conventional medicine today, many practitioners hear the symptoms a patient is experiencing and prescribe a drug that is meant to address those symptoms. Essentially putting a band-aid over the problem. There isn’t much inquiry into why a patient has these symptoms, or how they can truly heal from their dis-ease. This approach works for many people. There are people who prefer the band-aid approach to putting in the work required for healing. Since you are reading this blog post, I am going to assume you are not one of those people.

What combination of factors, including nutrient status, the burden of toxins, a person’s genetics, their emotional wellbeing and level of stress combine to cause a constellation of symptoms or conditions in a particular person? Which of these can be modified? What support does any given person need to make these changes? And what needs to be treated along the way?

This is the landscape of Functional Medicine and this is why it is so exciting and empowering to work in this arena.

My friend, Dr Mark Hyman, explains it this way:

It is through this lens of Functional Medicine that we at IFMC work, and it is our pleasure and privilege to be a part of your health care team.

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