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Do Not Fear the Darkness

This is the shortest day of the year….this is the longest night of the year…the Winter Solstice. And it calls us to that place of stillness, of quiet.

It can be frightening, even overwhelming to be in such darkness. We might not be comfortable or know what to do with it. Without all the distractions that daylight can bring, we are alone with ourselves in the dark.

This is a time when we can choose to be in the stillness and to notice. It can be a time to find the quiet within that allows for expansion, creating space for the germination of the new growth that will come in the Spring.

For now, we need the quiet to recharge, refuel and create the space for renewal to prepare for the rebirth that will come.

So don’t fear the darkness; rather invite it’s mystery and listen to the messages.

Have a lovely Solstice, and enjoy the darkness.

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