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Happy Spring

We awake this morning to the presence of another month; it is April. My mind fills with images of Spring when I hear that world; bulbs are pushing up out of the ground; there is the beginning of budding on the trees; the birds are suddenly quite noisy.

It has been a little slow in coming this year, and I sense the anxiousness with which we are waiting for it to burst forth, for the cold and darkness of winter to leave. But it is a cycle, and like all things in Nature, it will proceed on it’s time, not ours.

What is it about Spring that is so appealing to us? I think in part, it is the change, and that is one of the reasons that I love living where we have and can experience real seasons. The change of the season marks the passage of time, and is like a ritual to me.

When the season changes, it can be like having a fresh start. What we desire changes; our bodies sense a change in what they want and need. Our food choices might change, being increasingly drawn now to the fresh green foods of early Spring. We might be craving foods that help detoxification; helping our livers and GI systems shift form the heavier foods of winter to the lighter, new greens of Spring. We might find that we want to move more, to reengage in exercise that might have been a bit elusive in the darker, colder months of winter. We might be desiring more daylight and sun, and spend more time outside.

We might also find that we want to play. Spring brings forth a lightness and a way of being that can call us to play; something that too many of us, it seems, often forget to do. But playing is important and can help bring balance to our all too often serious lives.

So as we move through the transition into Spring this year, you might choose to be mindful of the changes that you are noticing in your own energy, your body. What is it that you are feeling? What might you want to do differently to support this transition? What do you need? How might you bring more play into your life?

And remember not to move too fast as you transition into Spring, it is a process, and we would be wise to take our cues from Nature and move slowly…..there is time.

Happy Spring!

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