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The Season To Pause


We are drawing to the close of a second strange year. One in which we have had to be flexible, to adjust frequently, to find new ways to celebrate, to work, to live.

It has been challenging for so many of us, and yet in the midst of the challenge and the upheaval, can we see a gift, a ‘silver lining” perhaps?

I know that for me, as I reflect on the year, and the past 2 years really, I see that I have been given a chance to be more reflective, more aware of the natural world, my surroundings…less caught up in the freneticism of daily life. A gift, perhaps, of the pandemic and the turning upside down of doing things as we used to… opportunity to see things differently.

A friend recently shared this poem, which I would like to share here:

When Your World Moves Too Fast

When your world moves too fast

And you lose yourself in the chaos,

Introduce yourself to each color of the sunset.

Reacquaint yourself with the Earth beneath your feet.

Thank the air that surrounds you

With every breath you take.

Find yourself in the appreciation of life.

-Christy Ann Martine

This to me, was a powerful reminder of what is important, and how this odd past year has offered some, perhaps hidden, benefit.

My wish for each of you is that you can slow down in the season of light to pause and reconnect…with yourself…with all that is important.

Here is a 5 minute Gratitude meditation that you can practice anytime to help you slow down.

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