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Basic Support For Your Immune System

It’s back to school time…..and time to think again about ways to keep a strong immune system properly supported to help keep us healthy.

Our immune health is affected by so many factors; everything from our nutrition, our exercise, our nutrient status, our exposures to environmental toxins, our genetics, to our sleep and stress.

Obviously, some of these are more modifiable than others, but there are ways to help support our health and wellbeing that are not particularly difficult.

Let’s start with nutrition; minimizing the intake of sugars and processed foods helps lower the inflammatory burden on our bodies. Aim to eat a rainbow of colors each day, and that will help ensure intake of a good amount of antioxidants which are key components of good health.

Adequate, but not excessive exercise, getting sufficient good quality sleep and learning ways to manage the effects of the chemistry of stress all contribute positively to immune health.

And we can further support a healthy immune system with nutritional supplements that can be a critical component of a well designed protocol for immune health.

I suggest the following as a baseline of support:

A good quality multivitamin

Vitamin D to a healthy level as measured by a blood test

Vitamins A and C


Melatonin in small doses can be helpful, as can quercitin.

Each of these has specific actions to support immune health.

If you need specific guidance or have questions, please reach out to us for ways to protect your health and we head back into the fall. We are here to help you!

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