The Five Stones Vision


The Five Stones Healing Arts and Wellness Center, the programs produced by our not-for-profit Five Stones Institute and the clinical care provided by the Five Stones Integrative Functional Medicine Center are all organized around the underlying philosophy that optimal health is achieved by being in balance: in body, mind and spirit.

This state of balance can best be attained by working with our trained physicians and practitioners to incorporate for each client understanding of and engagement with the lifestyles that comprise our Five Stones of Wellness:

  • Healthful Eating
  • Balanced Movement
  • Integrative Medicine
  • Mindful Stress Management
  • Interconnected Living

Each Stone is a critical component in the equation that determines each of our client’s best health. Addressing all together and establishing balance within and between them creates the foundation for optimal health and wellness. The Five Stones process emphasizes reclaiming and maintaining balance among each Stone, which helps individuals achieve true balance of body, mind and spirit.

We offer a wide variety of programs, classes and services to help people find and maintain balance in their lives. Our Five Stones Integrative Functional Medicine Center offers diagnosis and treatment based equally on restoring and maintaining the balance that brings with it good health.

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