Water: Fluidity over Rigidity

It’s summer, and we all need to stay well hydrated. We tend to have a beautiful, natural inclination to drink more when it is warm outside, which is what our bodies need.

We are, after all, mostly water; some estimates say that we are as much as 60% water.

Water is, perhaps, the most important nutrient for our health and wellbeing. We have some beautiful examples of fun and interesting ways to increase your fluid intake.

It is so important to be well hydrated, and the truth is that our tissues don’t work as well when they are dried out. Our blood is largely water; all our organs are bathed in fluid, our muscles, ligaments and tendons need moisture to allow them to slide across each other and our skin needs a lot of water to be able to function as the protective barrier that we need.

As we talk about the physical reasons to increase our fluid intake in the warmer weather, I think it’s interesting to think also about fluid and what that means for us; the metaphors that come to mind. I am called to think about fluidity, and the significance of fluidity in our lives; our physical bodies, our minds and our spirits. I think rigidity, the opposite of fluidity, is a challenge for many of us. It is so easy to get entrenched in an opinion, a way of doing things, a set routine.

And in rigidity, it seems to me, we tend to lose some of the possibility that can come from fluidity. What might we see and experience if we allow some shift in our perspective and let go of some of our rigidity? I don’t know but I am curious.

So maybe this summer, as we consciously try to increase our hydration we might try to invite and allow more fluidity as well, and see what happens.

Let me know….i am curious!

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