Vegetable Prep for the Week

Sometimes getting in enough vegetables can be a struggle.  Taking the time during the week to cut, cook, and clean up can seem like a monumental effort when we get home from work.  But increasing vegetable intake to at least 6 servings a day is the number one thing we can do it improve our health through diet.  That is why I am sharing with you how I prep my vegetables for the week. This amount of vegetables will generally take my husband and I through 4 days, eating the salad as a quick lunch and snacking on the cut vegetables.

Setting out my vegetables: (L-R) cucumber, mushrooms, sweet turnips, pickled beets, cherry tomatoes, peppers, Napa cabbage

Making a large salad on Sunday evening really helps me to actually eat the salad everyday.  A couple tips to keep in mind:

My salad with cut vegetables to snack on

I also cut up some extra vegetables to have on hand as snacks- here I cut turnips, peppers, and added some baby carrots to a zip lock bag and tupperware to easily grab from the fridge on my way out the door, or when I’m hungry between meals.  Sometimes I just munch on them plain, other times I dip them into hummus.

When it is time to eat, I can easily portion out some salad onto a plate and add anything else I need- maybe some chicken, beans, or quinoa.  In this case I had some leftover pasta salad from a cookout- that had WAY too much dressing on it, so I topped my vegetable salad with it.

First Salad of the Week

Looking for a great salad dressing? This one is delicious, perfect for summer and super easy to make:

Place all ingredients in a blender, add 1 tbsp of water to thin if needed, and drizzle over salad.

~Lara Lattman

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