These Last Days of Summer

I don’t think we can call it Indian summer this year, because I don’t think it ever got cold; but as we head into November, I imagine that these must be the last days of warm sun, despite the falling temperatures at night. It has a poignancy to it; that feeling of hanging on to something even though you know it’s slipping away.

And now we are heading into the time of year when the days shorten, there is more darkness and things shift. It’s ironic that in our culture as we head into this darker time of year, when it feels as if things should slow down and quiet down, the truth is that we are heading into perhaps the busiest time of year for many of us, the Holiday Season.

I find that this can cause some discomfort, some stress. We can be feeling pulled in opposite directions simultaneously, and that can be a challenge.

As they say in the Buddhist tradition, our suffering comes from unmet expectations, from wanting or not wanting. It is easy to get caught up in the expectations around the Holidays. We picture the perfect Hallmark family gathering and wonder why ours isn’t that way, and that can cause stress.

The challenge is to live fully in the moments as they unfold and to be fully present in each of those moments; rather than to spend time and energy wishing that things were different. There can be beauty in the present, but we have to be present and aware to notice it.

And perhaps in all the activity of the season, we can find some moments to be quiet and still, to begin to focus inward and begin the tasks of the winter season….to rest and replenish ourselves to get ready, eventually, for the new life that will burst forth in the spring.

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