The Power of Starting Over

Another New Year; another list, perhaps, of resolutions about what to do differently in our lives, what we could like to change, what we “should” be doing differently?

I am choosing this year to try to look at it a little differently; perhaps with a slightly different spin.

I have been reflecting on the true gift of being able to start over; to try again. We are, metaphorically speaking, given that opportunity in our celebration of the New Year, year after year.

We don’t always get to choose what happens to us in our lives, and there are plenty of times where we find ourselves in situations or circumstances beyond our control. But we do, when we think about it, get to choose our response. This is actually the essence of mindfulness; this ability to be fully in the present moment and from there, make a choice about how we respond.

So in terms of our lives and this notion of starting over at the New Year, I suggest that we take time in this transition to reflect on what is going on in our lives, what direction our life might be taking, and then make some decisions about whether or not this is in keeping with what resonates, deeply, at the personal and soul level. We each know. Listen to your inner wisdom and you will know.

Are you where you really want to be? Are you spending your time and energy doing what really gives you joy and your life meaning?

Or is there something that you want to do differently? Something that would allow you to be a more complete expression of your true self? Maybe it is a major thing or change that you feel you want and need, maybe it is just having an increased awareness of yourself and how you are in the world.

The beauty of our tradition of celebrating the New Year is that it is a time where culturally, lots of us make changes, and we are encouraged to do this; to start over. That makes it, sometimes, a bit easier. Everyone, it seems, is making resolutions about what they are going to do differently. But we all know from experience, how often we don’t really implement the changes we say we want to make.

So instead of making the choice to lose weight, exercise more, spend less time with social media, what ever the “resolution” is, I suggest that we each act from that inner place of knowing; and to make our choices from that deeper wisdom of what we know, on a heart and soul level, is what we desire for ourselves. It’s more likely then, to be able to sustain the change that we are, very mindfully, trying to make.

May the New Year bring peace and happiness and an inner clam to us all, and may you find the time and the space to know what it is that your entire self, body, mind and spirit, desire.

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