Summer Season - Manifestation

As any of you who know and follow me already know how much I love the seasons and especially the changing of the seasons. I have always lived in places where we get all four seasons, so I can’t really say what it would be like without them, but I am quite sure that I would miss them.

I love to watch nature in each of the seasons and reflect on the parallels for me in my life and to notice how I change as the seasons change.

So now, in early July, we are in full summer. While we haven’t had much of the stifling heat and humidity yet, the air is warm, the sun is hot and the days are long. For us, after all the rain we have had, things couldn’t be more lush; the trees and grass are still green and the flowers are blooming in all sorts of vivid colors. The farms are thriving; we have an abundance of fresh produce, the berries are ripening and soon other fruits will follow.

There is a richness and a fullness to this season that is palpable. For me, it makes me want to be outside and experience the fullness of the summer. I love sitting outside in the early morning having my coffee and listening to the birds and watching—just watching. And in the evening, I love sitting outside as the day ends, enjoying the cooler air that comes at the end of the day, listening to the sounds of the evening and watching the fireflies.

Summer can be a time to manifest that which has been being cultivated in us since the long, quiet dark days of winter.

There was time then to turn inward and to listen deeply to what we were choosing for ourselves; these ideas germinated with the rebirth of spring, and now perhaps, are coming to fruition? Are there things in your life that are blooming with the summer energy?

I know that for me, the seasons resonate deeply, and I often find myself following the rhythm of the natural world.

What about you? What do you notice?

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