Stay Hydrated!

Proper hydration is essential to good health. Not only is it necessary for metabolic functions in the body, dehydration can make you feel lethargic. Have you ever had a house plant who’s leaves are drooping and it looks a little sad, then you water it and in a few minutes it has perked up and looks fresh? Picture yourself like that plant. When you are lethargic and overheated, hydrating can revitalize you.

The following are some reasons your body needs adequate water:


It can be hard to stay hydrated in 90 degree, sunny, humid weather. Airplanes are also very dehydrating due to the dry, re-circulating air. Here are some food and drinks that can help:

So grab a bottle of water, some cucumbers and watermelon and stay fully hydrated through all your summer traveling and beach days.

-Lara Lattman

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