Season of Light

It is December, and in many cultures and religions this is the Season of Light. We have moved into the long dark days of winter and we both honor and celebrate the season with light. We decorate our houses, buildings, and our windows with lights and candles, fires and even bonfires.

The light brings us hope; hope that the light will return, that the days will once again become lighter. It allows us to have hope for the future, and an awareness of the present.

The darkness does not last, this we know on an intellectual level; we need to know it and experience on the level of the body and spirit as well. We will cycle through it and emerge renewed and perhaps stronger; and with more understanding of the rhythms of the natural world in which we live.

May your Holiday and Festival of Light be bright and most importantly, peaceful. May you find the light and love within you and may you share it freely.

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