What Does the Season Have to Do With it?

Do you ever notice that, as the seasons change, your eating habits and food choices may change too? I find that mine often do. Sometimes the shift almost sneaks up on me and I don’t notice it for a while, but eventually I realize that something is different.

Here we are in June, at the very start of the summer. We have come through the Spring and the sense of newness and rebirth and cleansing that brings. I am noticing that I am drawn to the more typically summer foods….all the fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits. These are brightly colored foods, full of nutrients and antioxidants that we all need. A big fresh salad is so appealing now, no longer the heavier soups and stews that called to us just a few months ago.

Summer is a time of increased activity and we tend to desire foods that are lighter and less heavy.

In summer we have the opportunity to consume a full rainbow of colors in our foods, daily is we so choose. These colors provide critical nutrients, antioxidants, that are essential for our health and well being. These compounds, the antioxidants, basically clean up the damage that is done daily in our cells just in the process of living. And any additional stress, be it physical, environmental or emotional, can increase our need for antioxidants. It can be a fun challenge to see if you can eat something from each color of the rainbow each day. If you do, you are getting a good supply of these crucial antioxidants. This can be a great way to introduce some healthy eating to your kids! Try making a delicious smoothie full of the fruits and vegetables of the summer and see what combinations you like.

For the next few months, try being aware, mindful, of the food choices you make, and be mindful of what really appeals. And maybe sit for a minute and think about the qualities of the foods you are choosing and see if you understand why.

This is another good exercise in mindfulness, one of the keys to improved health and well-being.

Be well,


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