Look at the Calendar or Look out the Window?

I talk a lot about the beauty in following nature’s leads; listening to what the different seasons tell us and to notice and feel what our bodies sense and desire at different time of the year. There is a seasonal pattern to us, as well as the natural world, and lots of us notice shifts in our energy levels, our food choices and desires and our activities at different times of the year. Our need for sleep and rest can shift as we go through winter, the season of deep rest and renewal in preparation for the bursting forth of the new growth in the spring and the exuberance of summer.

In the past two weeks, I have frankly, felt confused by the weather. It is February and yet we have had multiple days in the high 60’s and even into the 70’s and there are signs of early spring all around us. The bulbs are shooting up; I have daffodils in bloom, and as I look around, there are trees in bud; I have seen some even in bloom.

What is interesting to me is to reflect on what we are witnessing and to understand the powerful force of the natural world in which we live. We can’t do anything to change or even affect what we are experiencing right now. Yes, there is plenty that we can do that will affect the future, but what we are experiencing now is already in play. We just have to experience it as it comes. It is about being in the present moment, and just resting in that place of allow….and it can be hard.

It is perhaps, a lesson in letting go of expectations, because we all, I assume, expected that we would still be having winter in Februray…..

For me, it has been interesting to watch myself experience the disconnect between what I expected and what I experienced and to sit with the discomfort that caused. I am not ready for Spring but I can’t say that the warm sunshine didn’t feel good; another example of the duality in our lives. My mind and my body still want and need the slower restful pace of winter, but the natural world was pushing me to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

What has been your experience these past two weeks? Have you been guided by the calendar or by looking out the window?

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