I Love Functional Medicine

I love the work that I do! It is a privilege and an honor to be able to work with people and, looking through the lens of Functional Medicine, begin to understand the core imbalances, events and contributing factors to their illness or condition. This is so much more satisfying to me (and I believe to them too) than just treating the symptoms or lab values with prescription medicines without really addressing the terrain that contributed to the development of the condition.

Often, the work we do is steeped in making significant lifestyle change, because nutrition is one of the fundamental building blocks of good health. But we have to address sleep, stress, movement and what is going on with the mind and the sprit, not just the body in order to help someone heal and reach their personal, optimal health.  And sometimes, healing is not the same as curing…but every bit as important to reaching a state of improved health. Healing seems to occur when the body, mind and spirit are in balance…and the wellbeing that can come form this is enormous.

A Functional Medicine physician is trained to look at the antecedents, triggers and the mediators of the disease process, and looks at the person from a systems biology vantage point, connecting the seemingly un-related dots that can make the picture whole.

The Institute of Functional Medicine, in Gig Harbor, Washington, provides training and certification for Functional Medicine Practitioners nationally.  I am proud to have been certified in the inaugural class, in 2013, and am excited to have Dr. Brown almost finished with her certification process.

Practicing medicine with this approach continues to excite me and make me love what I do!

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