How To Make Water NOT Boring

We all know that hydration is super important, especially in the summer.  And sometimes, you just want something OTHER than water.  Something with taste.  Enter infused water.  You’ve probably heard about it, and maybe even seen the water bottle infusers in the store.  Next time you see one, buy it and give these three recipes a go!

Cucumber Mint Water

Cucumber Mint water is seriously refreshing.  Both ingredients are naturally cooling, and having them in water can make a hot and humid day a little more bearable.

Watermelon Lime Water

My personal favorite, this one is like a margarita, but hydrating!

Strawberry Basil Water

A combination I never would have considered until my mom introduced me to it.  Just infusing water with berries can be nice and taste a little like dessert, but the addition of basil here makes it taste more fresh.

It is best to make these recipes ahead of time, preferably the night before.  You could also mash the ingredients a little in the bottom of the pitcher to get the flavors out quicker.

What’s your favorite flavor to infuse water with?

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