Connect To Nature

It seems spring is finally here to stay, just in time for Earth Month! That’s right, why not celebrate the entire month of April instead of just one day? There are many ways to celebrate Earth Month. Redoubling recycling efforts and planting trees seems to be at the top of many lists, and for great reason. Another wonderful way to celebrate is to deepen your connection with nature by getting outside and actually being IN nature.

Have you walked outside barefoot lately? Literally connecting your feet to the Earth is great for your health. The ground contains free electrons that are absorbed through the soles of our feet and can act like an antioxidant in our body. The benefits you’ll notice are improved mood and better sleep.

Have you heard of Earthing? Earthing is the practice of connecting to the earth’s natural energy for more vibrant health, and it has been gaining traction for the past couple of years. Going for a long hike, taking a weekend camping trip, or sitting on the ground in meditation are ways to soak up this vibrant energy. There are some small studies suggesting that this practice can reduce cortisol and balance hormones.

Plant an edible garden. Of course, planting a tree is awesome. But when you plant herbs, vegetables or fruits in your garden it cultivates a connection that lasts the entire season. You get to nurture your plants, harvest the fruits of your labor (literally!) and enjoy food that you were instrumental in producing. If you are short on space you can easily grow herbs such as peppermint, basil, thyme and dill in containers on a balcony or well-lit window. If you have a little more space, consider growing a couple tomato or pepper plants. Exposure to the microbes in the soil through planting and gardening improves your immune system.

There you have it! Three ways to deepen your connection to the Earth this month.

~Lara Lattman

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