Accelerate Fat Loss with Interval Training

Summer is upon us and many of you are still trying to lose a few extra pounds to look great for that beach trip that is coming up. But you are already spending 45 minutes a day walking on the Treadmill. How are you going to step up your exercise routine so that you can accelerate that fat loss?

Why not try High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT for short? In the past when we were just not trimming down enough with our exercise programs, we would run a bit longer on the treadmill or spend more time on the elliptical. If you are already used to this your body will recover quickly and your metabolism will return back to normal shortly after your exercise bout. With HIIT, you can spend less time working out and burn more energy cumulatively because of the after-burn effect.

Because you are working at higher intensities as well as getting more muscles involved, your metabolism will be elevated for as long as 36 hours post workout. Here is how to incorporate it into your exercise program:

You will get a 20 minute workout that will keep you burning calories for hours after you are done exercising.

As far as exercises, my recommendation is to choose a push (chest press), pull (row), legs (bodyweight squat), and rotation/core (medicine ball rotation). These are just suggestions to get a full body workout. During the 20 second exercise bouts, perform the movements at a faster pace but make sure to maintain proper form.  Watch this video for an example of this type of circuit:


Always remember to consult your Physician before starting any exercise program. Good luck and enjoy your summer!

~Chris Voysey, Personal Trainer

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